Looking for a Corporate Gift ?
Corporate Gifting Trading In Good Relations.We find out that corporate are gifting like never before this festive season.Suppliers associated with corporate gifting are smiling this season. From the branded names to the ones that manufacture products for companies and brands, all are smiling. Our product range from Wall hangings, key chains, car frames, watches, visiting card holders, jewellery boxes, desktop pieces, glasses and goblets are just some of the gift items that bear the Divinity stamp . Whether it be a suave chrome-finished table clock or an elegant rose wood jewellery box, all items carry the unmistakable embossed designs. Classic images, centred mainly on mythology and culture, are etched into fine nickel foil, and plated in 24-carat gold, through a unique patented process in Switzerland.The price range starts at Rs 99 for a mobile phone stick-on, with more exclusive pieces crafted with semi-precious stones liable to cross Rs 1 lakh
We have been in the business for years, is one of them. Already, our company has received orders to the tune of approximately Rs 10 lakh. "We are hoping for more. This year has shown a positive trend. Gifting is on an increase and we only hope that it converts into real business for us."
Gifting' is a simple concept, associated with giving, warmth and relationship building. It however gets a few categories attached to it once the word 'corporate' is added to it.
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